FreeMass(name, *args, **kwargs)

Simple free mass suspension of an object.

FreeMassWorkspace(owner, ...[, ...])

MIMOTFWorkspace(owner, sim, bool refill, ...)

Workspace that contains MIMO transfer functions stored in a numerator/denominator basis.

Pendulum(name, *args, **kwargs)

Simple pendulum suspension of an object.

PendulumMassWorkspace(owner, ...[, ...])

SuspensionTFPlant(name, *args, **kwargs)

A customised suspension element that accepts arbitrary input and output nodes and a 2D array of control.TransferFunction objects that define a transfer function between each of them.

SuspensionZPK(name, *args, **kwargs)

A suspension that models multiple poles and zeros for the z, yaw, or pitch motion of an optic.

SuspensionZPKWorkspace(owner, ...[, ...])


eval_tf_vec(const double complex[, ...)