Getting help

For general or technical questions on using Finesse we have a user chat channel on Matrix This is open to the general public and is the easiest way to get

There is also a mailing list which can also be used for those that prefer email over Matrix, finesse-users AT

For users within the gravitational wave community we also have an active chat channel This will require you to log in with your Albert.Einstein credentials.

Finesse and KatScript objects

Refer to the rest of this documentation for information on the use of KatScript and Finesse objects.

Interactive help

The function accepts either a string or object as input and will show corresponding help. If a string is provided, it is assumed to be a KatScript path like m, beamsplitter, or bs.T. Command names such as xaxis are also supported.

This operates similarly to the Python built-in function help(): either a pager is opened (if using a console; use PgUp and PgDn to navigate, and q to escape) or the help text is printed (if using a notebook).