Custom exception types raised by different Finesse functions and class methods.


BeamTraceException(message, **kwargs)

ComponentNotConnected(message, **kwargs)

ContextualArgumentError(message, **kwargs)

An argument error with additional context.

ContextualTypeError(param, value[, ...])

A type error with additional information about the available types.

ContextualValueError(params[, extra_info])

A value error with additional information about value(s) that caused an error.

ConvergenceException(message, **kwargs)

Indicates an algorithm has failed to converge to some requested tolerance.

ExternallyControlledException(message, **kwargs)

Raised when a parameter value is changed but there are other elements that are controlling what the value is.

FinesseException(message, **kwargs)

The exception type which gets raised upon a Finesse failure.

LostLock(message, **kwargs)

Thrown when the lock is lost by the locking algorithm.

ModelAttributeError(message, **kwargs)

ModelClassAttributeError(target, ...)

Error indicating that a model path resolves to a class attribute.

ModelMissingAttributeError(target, ...)

Error indicating a model path was not found.


Error indicating a model element has no default model parameter.

ModelParameterSelfReferenceError(value, ...)

Error indicating a model parameter cannot be set to refer to itself.

NoCouplingError(message, **kwargs)

Raised when a coupling at a component is requested but does not exist.

NoLinearEquations(message, **kwargs)

Thrown when a simulation has no linear equations to solve.

NodeException(message[, node])

Exception associated with Node related run-time errors.

ParameterLocked(message, **kwargs)

TotalReflectionError(message[, from_node, ...])

Exception indicating total reflection of a beam at a component when performing beam tracing.