Gaussian beams


Represents a cavity in an interferometer configuration.


cav name source via=none priority=0


name: Name of newly created cavity.

source: Node / Port that the cavity path starts from. If no via node is specified, then the cavity path will be given by the shortest path from source back to the component that owns source. If a port is given then the output optical node of that port will be used as the source.


via: Node that the cavity path must traverse via; defaults to None. Note that, unlike source, this cannot be a Port object as this would be ambiguous for beamsplitter type components - i.e. determination of which node to use cannot be assumed automatically.

priority: Priority value for beam tracing. Beam tracing dependencies are sorted in descending order of priority - i.e. higher priority value dependencies will be traced first. Any dependency with a priority value of zero will be traced, after non-zero priority dependencies, in alphabetic order of the dependency names.


Beam parameter at a specific node of a model.


gauss name node priority=0 {kwarg1=value{ kwarg2=value{ ...}}}