class finesse.locks.Lock(name, errsig, feedback_to, gain, accuracy, *, disabled=False, offset=0)[source]

Bases: finesse.element.ModelElement

A simple lock which computes and applies the feedback to a given parameter using an error signal.


name : str

Name of newly created lock.

errsig : Any

An error signal parameter or an object capable of producing a real-type error signal. This is typically a demodulated PowerDetector instance (or the name of the instance).

feedback_to : Parameter

A parameter of the model to apply the locks’ feedback signal to.

gain : float

Control loop gain.

accuracy : float

Threshold to decide whether the loop is locked.

disabled : boolean

If true this lock will not run when the RunLocks() action is used. Explicitly specifying the name of the lock will override this setting, e.g. RunLocks(name).

offset : float

An offset that is applied to the error signal before it is used.




The error signal of the lock.

A handle to the parameter which the feedback signal is applied to.