class finesse.paths.OpticalPath(path)[source]

Bases: object

Represents a path traversing through optical connections of a Model instance.

The underlying data stored by instances of this class are lists of two-element tuples containing optical nodes and the components that they connect into. This list is formatted as [(from_node, to_comp)] where from_node is an OpticalNode instance and to_comp can be any sub-class instance of Connector; from_node is then an input node to to_comp.

A handle to the underlying list can be obtained through accessing the property This is not required for iterating through the path entries however, as this class provides iterator access itself.


path : list

A list of 2-tuples containing the path data; first element stores the OpticalNode, second element stores the component this node feeds into.



The path data with only the component sequence.

A handle to the underlying path data.


The length of the optical path.


The path data with only the OpticalNode sequence.


The spaces in the optical path.