Setting up your fork

Before reading this you should read steps 1 - 4 in Contributing to the project. After these steps you will be ready to complete the following process:

  1. After cloning, change directory to your local copy of your fork of the Finesse 3 repository:

    cd finesse3
  2. Now you want to link your repository to the upstream repository (the main Finesse 3 repo), so that you can fetch changes from trunk. To do this, run:

    git remote add upstream git://

    upstream here is an arbitrary name we use to refer to the main Finesse 3 repository. Note the use of git:// for the URL - this is a read-only URL which means that you cannot accidentally write to the upstream repository. You can only use it to merge into your fork.

  3. Check that your remotes are set-up correctly with:

    git remote -v show

    This should give you something similar to:

    upstream    git:// (fetch)
    upstream    git:// (push)
    origin<username>/finesse3.git (fetch)
    origin<username>/finesse3.git (push)