finesse.config.configure(plotting=False, log_level=None, log_exclude=None, jupyter_tracebacks=None)[source]

Configure Finesse runtime options.


plotting : bool, optional

Initialise Finesse plot theme for display.

log_level : str, optional

Configure a special finesse log handler to print log messages emitted at this level or higher to the error stream. The Python log levels “debug”, “info”, “warning”, “error” and “critical” are supported, as are their corresponding level numbers (see logging). The logger is only created once, but subsequent calls to this function will update the log level.

log_exclude : list of str, optional

Names of log channels to suppress, if a Finesse log handler can be configured (see notes).

jupyter_tracebacks : bool, optional

Show full tracebacks in Finesse errors when using Finesse in IPython. This setting does not work reliably in other environments.


The log_level and log_exclude parameters are only set if the root finesse log handler is a _FinesseStreamHandler. This is the case when the user has not configured any other finesse log handler prior to running this function for the first time in the current session, which allows this function to safely create one. If another log handler does exist and log_level and/or log_exclude are set, they are ignored and a warning is emitted.