Installing from source

Installing Finesse from source means you can get access to mulitple versions, including the latest development features. This method should only be used by people who want to run latest development release or want to make changes to the way Finesse operates. Regular users should use From PyPI (with e.g. pip) or From Conda instead.

If you are planning on making changes to Finesse please read the developer documentation.

The Finesse source code is managed using the versioning control software git.

It’s difficult to provide build instructions for all possible systems and configurations. Below we detail the most common ways we know of or use ourselves as developers for building Finesse. If you run into issues please contact us.


The following descriptions may not include any required activation step for the particular Python environment that Finesse will be installed into. We assume if you are installing from source you will be activating a Python environment of your own choosing and you know how to do this. If you do not, we recommend using pip and virtualenv or Conda environments.